specializing  in the moments...

That will last forever.





every moment FOR YOU.

Cimo Productions will be at your wedding, before you arrive at the ceremony site,
until you leave the reception.
We pay attention to every detail of your wedding video.
We provide videography that blends traditional and cinematic styles
with a touch of romance and family values.
We specialize in recording the details of your wedding.




Brett cimo

He is a Houston Wedding Cinematographer, specializing in wedding videos for over 22 years in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

" Every wedding video that I create for my brides and grooms, have that personal touch of quality and expertise that makes each one special and unique to them. It makes me feel good when I hear back from the wedding couple, that they love this part or that scene from the wedding DVDs that I created for them. I look forward to the next wedding, when I'll be able to record all their special moments that they will cherish for days to come."

Every wedding must have the cakes, flowers, & photography, but when the cakes are all eaten, the flowers are preserved under glass and the photos are stored on computer hard drives, your wedding video from Cimo Productions, will let you relive every cherished moment on any media format to be watched whenever and where-ever you want forever and ever.


We hired Brett Cimo as our videographer for our wedding. He was very professional and did an amazing job capturing all of our favorite moments from the preparation, ceremony and reception. The DVD he made for us was beautiful and very well done. We love to watch those special memories. He also included a wonderful highlight video- a great thing to have when we want to share the look and feel of our big day with other people. Brett was very friendly and I really enjoyed working with him throughout the planning process. I am so thankful for all of the hard work he put into documenting one of the most incredible experiences in our lives!

"We love to watch those special memories"

tiffany + justin
Houston, texas

Mr. Cimo did our wedding video. We talked to different videographers and decided he was the best person for the job. We did not regret our decision!! He did an incredible job of capturing our wedding. We were extremely happy with our video. I was impressed with the photography but what I enjoyed the most was the way he edited the video. Best of all, we got our video a couple of weeks after our honeymoon!! Mr. Cimo is a professional who is very passionate about what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a wedding videographer or any type of video production. We watch our video every year on our anniversary!

"we did not regret our decision!!"

david & stacey
houston, texas

Brett was very attentive to our needs and wants. He did an exceptional job and I highly recommend him to anyone. He captured all the moments we wanted and was right there when we needed him. When we saw our video, we loved it! The highlighted scene was amazing, the moments that we will remember forever. The rest of the video was put together perfectly. I really enjoyed working with Brett and will recommend him to any of our friends, family or anyone that are in need of a videographer.   
Thank you Brett for all you did for us on our wedding day, including the days before and the days after. You captured our day so we can watch it over and over for years to come.

"the highlighted
scene was amazing"

brooke & john
houston, texas

Oh my goodness we are SO happy with the video!!
It is amazing!!!
From the first few minutes we could tell it was going to be good quality.
The way you framed and cut for the ceremony was breathtaking.
We feel you capture the whole evening as it was physically and emotionally.
As we watched we were both in tears.
Thank you for your time and dedication to our wedding.
It will be something we treasure for years to come.
We loved the highlights.

" we were
both in tears "

lisa & derek
houston, texas

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